26 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

Let's see..

So here I am, finally writing my first post after a loooong period of "thinking about writing a blog" time..So why now, 4.33 am in the morning? Cos my sister left for our hometown (for good!) 3 days ago,and I'm here at home all by myself, trying to deal with living alone after 6 years, dying to find a way to relieve myself. Is this the way out? Help me organize my thoughts? Maybe, maybe not.

I need to express my feelings somewhere that won't disappear, although I may some day.

I don't really care right now if anyone reads it, maybe it's even better if noone does..just kidding:)or am I? :)
I'll write whatever I think, in which language I feel like explaining them better.

Mmmhh..Need some sleep.

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